Why should I consider a starter application in soybeans?

Traditional starter fertilizers are not typically used for soybean crops. This is because nutrient deficiencies are not as common in soybeans as in corn, and the salt in traditional fertilizers can harm soybean seedlings.

However, just like other crops, soybeans can benefit from tools that help improve plant health and yields. Accomplish MAX and Radiate are plant health products (not plant nutrition products) that can be used together as a salt-free “starter program” for soybean crops. They provide a cost effective way for soybean growers to improve plant vigor, reduce plant stress and increase productivity. Accomplish MAX increases nutrient availability and uptake while also helping to minimize the effects of early season abiotic stresses on the crop, including cold temperatures and salinity. Radiate contains plant hormones that drive root development and plant vigor. 

Accomplish MAX and Radiate are available from Loveland Products through Nutrien Ag Solutions.