What technologies contribute to Terramar's performance?

Terramar combines two technology platforms unique to Loveland Products: Carbon-Based
Technology (CBT, biologically converted leonardite) and Marine-Based Technology (MBT,
biologically converted kelp).
  • CBT enhances nutrient uptake and provides key carbon derivatives for additional energy to optimize plant performance
  • MBT improves crop tolerance to abiotic stressors such as heat, drought, salt and cold,
    which can represent significant yield-limiting factors
The innovative technologies in Terramar are produced using a proprietary biological process
to extract plant-active metabolites from leonardite and kelp. These metabolites serve as a food source for soil microbes and help increase nutrient and plant functioning. The MBT component also contains an active, diverse microbial community that functions in the soil profile to positively influence microbial activity and plant performance.