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What is the difference between the biochemistry in these products and products on the market that are live microbes?

The goal of applying living organisms to the soil is to produce biochemistry that can kick off nutrient cycling. Agricen’s approach is to instead produce and collect the biochemistry produced by microorganisms at our manufacturing facility. This biochemistry can then be seamlessly added into conventional or organic production systems. The benefits of a biochemical (versus live biological) product include better product stability on the shelf, easier product handling in the fertilizer shed, and better product functioning on fertilizer and in the soil.

Our products typically have a two-year shelf life, need no refrigeration, and can be tank mixed with salt-based chemistries and fertilizers. In contrast, products that employ live microorganisms tend to have a shorter shelf life, cannot be mixed with salt-based fertilizers, cannot be mixed with herbicides, and may require refrigeration. Head-to-head trials comparing Agricen’s biochemistry to biostimulant/biological products employing living organisms show that our biochemistry performs more consistently.