What is the difference between Prologue and Accomplish MAX?

Prologue is 6.3% zinc plus nutrient solubilizing technology focused on phosphorus, which makes Prologue a great fit for ortho- and polyphosphates (e.g., 10-34-0, 11-37-0, 6-24-6). Prologue is recommended for use with ortho- and polyphosphate starters to provide zinc and improve the efficiency of applied (and locked up) soil phosphorus. It is applied at 1-2 quarts per acre.

Accomplish MAX contains concentrated biochemistry for enhanced nutrient availability combined with a kelp technology for stress tolerance benefits and can be used in many different starter and pop-up applications. It can be added to liquid starters, including those that contain a zinc source, at 1 quart per acre. In this type of program, it can be used to increase root development (i.e., root hairs/feeder roots) and convert phosphorous into an inorganic, plant available form, in addition to helping the crop better tolerate environmental stress.

Both products are available through Nutrien Ag Solutions.