What is the difference between Accomplish MAX and Prologue?

When mixing Prologue and Accomplish MAX in 2x2, what rates would be adequate to get the benefits of both?

Accomplish MAX contains concentrated biochemistry for enhanced nutrient availability combined with a kelp technology for stress tolerance benefits and can be used in many different starter and pop-up applications. It can be added to liquid starters, including those that contain a zinc source (e.g., RiseR, Black Label Zn), at 1 quart per acre. In this type of program, it can be used to increase root development (i.e., root hairs/feeder roots) and convert phosphorous into an inorganic, plant available form, in addition to helping the crop better tolerate environmental stress.

Prologue is 6.3% zinc plus nutrient solubilizing technology focused on phosphorus, which makes Prologue a great fit for ortho- and polyphosphates (e.g., 10-34-0, 11-37-0, 6-24-6). Prologue is recommended for use with ortho- and polyphosphate starters to provide zinc and improve the efficiency of applied (and locked up) soil phosphorus. It is applied at 1-2 quarts per acre.