What is the benefit of using Extract PBA on prevent plant acres going to corn in terms of the effect on fallow ground syndrome?

In fallow soils, sometimes the system will need to be “restarted,” meaning you need to help the microbial population get off to a healthy start and also make sure you can release nutrients in that system for the crop you are planting. One reason fallow soils are not as healthy is due to a decrease in beneficial microbial populations that help with phosphorus and other nutrient availability. Thus, there is a reduced amount of phosphorus available in fallow soils.

In fallow systems, Extract PBA can be used to try to boost phosphorus availability to get the system going again, which can help get the crop off to a good start. For more information, please read our blog on this topic.  You can also watch a webinar on this topic by visiting: https://info.agricen.com/watch-how-reduce-risk-fallow-syndrome-prevent-plant-acres-webinar.