What is Extract PBA?

Extract PBA (6-0-0-13S) combines proven biochemistry (the same biochemistry found in Accomplish LM) with ammonium thiosulfate, or ATS. These products work together to speed nutrient cycling and optimize nutrient release—returning nutrients to the soil profile for uptake by the next crop.
The biochemistry in Extract PBA jump starts the process of nutrient release and residue breakdown to optimize nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium availability for the next crop.
This biochemistry works independently of microorganisms in the soil system, meaning that nutrient release and residue decomposition can continue to occur during colder temperatures.
The ATS component of Extract PBA provides nitrogen (which helps balance high C:N ratios) and sulfur, while also lowering pH on the residue’s surface. This increases soil microbial activity and further expedites nutrient return to the soil profile.
Extract PBA is distributed by Loveland Products through Nutrien Ag Solutions.