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What are the recommended product application rates?

The rates that are typically recommended can be found below. Please refer to the product labels or speak to your local crop consultant to make the best determination for your specific crops and circumstances.

Accomplish LM or Accomplish MAX

  • Apply 1-2 quarts per acre with liquid starter fertilizers

Extract PBA

  • For pre-emergent applications, apply 1-2 gallons per acre; adding at least 1 gallon of UAN is recommended; can be mixed with glyphosate, other herbicides and liquid broadcast fertilizers
  • For residue applications, apply 1-2 gallons per acre and add at least 1 gallon of UAN; can be tank mixed with burn down chemistries
  • Apply 1-2 gallons per acre with sidedress UAN, manures or poultry litter

Maritime or Terramar

  • Apply 1-4 quarts per acre for foliar, soil and irrigation water applications


  • Apply at 3-6 pints per acre

Titan XC

  • Apply 16-32 ounces per ton on P & K fertilizers, MESZ, MES, pell lime, sulfate of potash, ammonium sulfate, and gypsum