What are the benefits of the biological extraction process used to manufacture Maritime compared to the chemical or physical processes used to manufacture other kelp-based technologies?

Maritime is manufactured using a unique biological extraction platform that is able to deliver a broader range of benefits compared to typical chemical or physical (cold-press) methods of manufacturing kelp-based technologies.

Chemically or physically extracted kelp products are typically viscous and often include suspended kelp solids that can limit applications with calcium-based fertilizer like CAN-17 or CATs. Maritime has improved handling properties due to the complete digestion of the kelp substrate during the bioextraction process. It is therefore very homogenous and flowable with no solid content, which makes it easy to blend with fertilizers, including CAN-17 and CATs, without issues related to sedimentation or solids.

The bioextraction process allows Maritime to deliver a wider range of bioactive compounds and a diverse biological community, which have been shown to increase nutrient and plant functioning and mitigate plant stress, including the ability to mitigate salt stress with unmatched seed germination, plant growth and nutrient uptake. Chemically and physically extracted kelp products are less biologically and biochemically diverse, which can limit product function.