How does Maritime compare to other kelp-based products?

Maritime has a unique biological and biochemical profile that unlike any other available kelp product on the market today. It contains a broad range of bioactive compounds and a diverse biological community that together deliver improved abiotic stress tolerance, improve seed germination for a more robust early plant start, enhance root growth and nutrient uptake, and facilitate an increase in soil microbial activity. In competitive trials, this has translated into greater plant growth, better stress tolerance and higher yields compared to other kelp-based technologies that are currently on the market.

From a product handling perspective, Maritime can be easily tank mixed with traditional crop inputs like herbicides, fertilizers or other crop protection chemistries due to the unique biological extraction manufacturing process, which produces a highly soluble, homogenous product with no suspended solids. Typical kelp-based products may be viscous or contain suspended solids, which can interfere with mixing and handling.