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How do I apply biocatalyst products?

The products are compatible with most fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. They can be easily incorporated into a grower’s current fertilizer program without requiring product specific equipment or a special trip across the field.

  • Accomplish LM and Accomplish MAX can be applied with liquid in-furrow starters, 2x2 placement of liquid fertilizers, concentrated band applications, liquid strip till). It can also be used with UAN sidedress/Y-drop applications.
  • Extract PBA can be applied directly on crop residues, tank mixed with burndown or pre-emergent chemistries (e.g., glyphosate, other herbicides, liquid broadcast fertilizers),  sidedressed or broadcast with UAN 28 or 32, and applied with manures.
  • Maritime and Terramar can be applied to the soil or foliar applied.
  • Prologue can be applied with 10-34-0 and ortho starter fertilizers.
  • Titan XC can be applied to the entire blend of dry fertilizer (P & K) using a vertical, volumetric (horizontal), or rotary (drum) blender.